South Korea to Be the First to Develop Smart City Networks

Samsung is working with SK Telecom to provide a South Korean network of IoT Devices in order to make cities smart.

Samsung clearly has their eye on the future of automation and smart technologies. In 2014, they acquired SmartThings, a home automation hub for $200M and are now incorporating smart technologies into their appliances.

According to BusinessInsider, the total amount of city deployed smart devices will reach over 5B over the next 4 years and over $133B will be invested in Cities to make them smart.

City investments in IOT

Smart cities will add tremendous benefits to the population in the form of decreased traffic congestion, decrease in car accident deaths, smarter electrical grids, improving public safety and much more.

Entire smart apartment communities, which in some cases could be small cities, will be 100% connected to the cloud, adding tremendous value to the residents and on site staff.

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