NMHC OpTech Showcased Multiple Home Automation Panels

Roughly 2,000 attendees showed up in beautiful San Diego last week to participate in the Annual NMHC OpTech Conference and Exposition. This year was particularly interesting for Remotely. As home automation for apartments is starting to heat up, there are more and more discussions, panels and educational sessions dedicated to this space.

Panel discussions ranged from DIY Apartments and Self Showings to Energy Savings through Smart Devices. Below is a quick recap of each:

The Low Down on DIY Apartments:

What will the future look like for apartments.

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  2. Self-guided Tours
  3. Smart Locks
  4. Wearables
  5. Package Lockers
  6. Oculus Rift
  7. DIY Maintenance

The Top Trends in Sustainability

  1. The scope of sustainability is growing
  2. Transparency is paramount
  3. New sustainability technologies are providing financial benefit.

Home Automation Moves Beyond Lights, Locks

  1. Technology adoption typically follows a bell curve, with the Millennial generation 2.5 times more likely to adopt new technology than Gen X or Booms. Overlay multifamily demographics and the adoption curve shifts dramatically left toward the younger demographics.
  2. Today, the average person has 3.5 connected devices in his or her pocket. (Millennials are working with five to ten connected devices.)
  3. Two technologies that seem to be gaining the most traction are smart locks and smart thermostats.
  4. Architectural robotics to create convertible units, where a simple hand gesture, voice command and interactive touch elements can signal the room to transform.


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