Door Keys and Our First Impression in a Pensacola Vacation Rental

My family and I just got back from a Pensacola vacation. It was a wonderful time but it started our a bit rocky.


We booked our beach view rental on VRBO, packed our bags and headed to the airport. After 7 long hours traveling by plane and car, we finally arrived to the 24 story condo.

We traveled through a guarded gate where we had to give them an access code to get in. As we walked through the reception area we could see the ocean and the pool with large waterfalls and a lazy river. Our 22 month old daughter was excited but extremely tired and was ready for bed. We entered the elevator and headed up to our room. The owner said the door would be open and the keys would be on the table. As we tried to open the door, it was locked. “Oh no,” my wife says. “How are we going to get in. We need to get her to bed” I replied, “lets call the owner.” Ring. ring. ring. No answer. My wife then emailed the owner with no response. We walked around seeing if we could find someone to let us in. 1 hour later we found a maintenance person to let us in. The AC was shut off and the temperature in the unit felt like 100 degrees.

Needless to say, our first impression was a negative one. All of this could have been solved if this owner had a smart lock on the front door that would have allowed us to enter the property on our own time with our phone or a unique key code. The temperature could have been set to our desired temperature with a smart thermostat before we even arrived.

The rest of the time there was very enjoyable. I mentioned our frustration to the owner and how Remotely could solve these challenges, get them better reviews, save them money and make the first impression the best one. They agreed, and have ordered a smart lock, smart thermostat, smart light switches and even smart multi-sensors to turn the AC off when the sliding glass door to the ocean is left opened.

5 years from now, there will be very few vacation rentals that do not have smart home automation. These technologies will make vacation travel that much more pleasurable.

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