The Internet of Everything Futurist

David Evans spent 24 years at Cisco as their Chief Futurist. He is now the Co-Founder and CTO of Stringify, an internet of things start-up. If you want to see how the Internet of Things will change everything, read his posts. Below are a few of his thoughts and ideas of what the future will look like.

Why The Internet of Things will drive a Knowledge Revolution

In 10 years you won’t question whether or not a thing is connected, it will simply be an expectation.

End of the Human “Race”?

Our future is not one of pure biology; our future is one where technology and biology merge.

The Future of Work: Innovating Ourselves Out of a Job?

Technology itself is neither good nor bad, it’s simply a tool. It’s up to us to decide how we want it to impact society.

How the Internet of Everything Will Shape the Next 25 Years of Internet History

With the help of mobility and cloud technology, the Internet of Everything will merge the physical world and the virtual world to create a highly personalized and often predictive connected experience.

Beyond Online Classes: How the Internet of Everything Is Transforming Education

Within the next decade, high connection speeds and low hardware costs could bring immersive, interactive classes right into the home.

Ushering in the New Era of Healthcare

Imagine this doctor being able to perform specialized surgeries at specially equipped operation rooms around the world from a fixed location.

Today we are in the social web…over the coming years we will see more and more machines connected to the network where we will start to see social networks of machines.


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